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Sarah Kate Walston, a Richmond, VA native, received her Bachelor of Music degree at Lee University and her Master of Music degree and Graduate Performance Diploma at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University.


Sarah Kate has a deep love for music and for her hometown of Richmond.  She feels that it is incredibly important to discover and utilize local talents in local venues.   She maintains a private voice studio in the Carytown neighborhood of Richmond and is on the Voice Faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University and Randolph Macon College.

Education and training

The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University,  Master of Music in Vocal Performance  

The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University,  Graduate Performance Diploma

Lee University,  Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

Virginia Commonwealth University undergraduate studies

Lyric Opera Virginia Young Artist 

Wolf Trap Institute of Early Learning professional Development Training 

Rossini in Wildbad Young Artist 

Virginia Opera’s Spectrum Resident Artists Program        

Lorin Maazel’s Castleton Residency for Young Artists               

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival                 

teaching experience

3 years of teaching at Randolph Macon College

2 years Greater Richmond Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

7 years Instructor of Voice at Virginia Commonwealth University

12 years teaching private lessons

6 years as voice/music teacher at West End Assembly of God’s summer Arts Camp

3 years teaching vocal performance class at West End Assembly of God’s summer performance prep course

5+ years as Music Director of West End Assembly of God’s youth choir

6 + years as Director of rehearsals for West End Assembly of God’s front vocal ensembles

Teacher at Hope Church’s Vocal Performance classes

Mother Goose Time Early Learning Preschool Teacher


On the Advisory Council for “City Singers Youth Choirs”

On the Advisory Council for the nonprofit “Mission Equip”

Was a Founding member and Artistic Team of Capitol Opera Richmond for 5 years

Member of Nats and VANATS


Director “HMS Pinafore”,”A Little Nightmare Music” and “Bastien and Bastienna”


Supertitle manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Elizabeth Daniels 

Phylis Bryn-Julson

Tony Deaton

Cynthia Donnell


Sarah Walston is a brilliant voice teacher. She explains and demystifies the singing process by explaining what happens when the body produces sound. She has helped me to reduce tension, relax into the breath, improve my posture, keep an open space in the back of the throat, fill my tank with air and let the fullness of the sound resonate naturally. Sarah has helped me to re-think my approach to each song I sing; Showing me how to score and map out lyrics with a special emphasis on vowel placement, tongue position and even where to take a breath. She’s helped me to stop “swallowing” the sound and instead let it spin almost effortlessly to vibrant life in an open and expansive way. Every time I work with her, I walk away with something new. The lessons help me to unlock something even more fundamental: I feel energized, happy and grateful to be able to enjoy singing — whether onstage in front of hundreds of people — or all alone, while doing dishes in my kitchen. Put simply: Working with her just makes me feel better. Sarah has also changed my approach to vocal health, giving me several key tools to put in my toolbox — from warm-ups to best practices — and more. With her practical, no-nonsense approach, Sarah Walston has improved my posture, my pitch, my presence and my whole approach to singing. She has given me a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to sustain a healthy and strong vocal performance career for years to come.
Scott Wichmann
Actor, Singer
I’ve been acting and singing my whole life. Working with Sarah created opportunities for me that were never there before. She took my voice and transformed it from palatable to powerful. There were times where I was singing non-stop and not only keeping up, but accomplishing things vocally I never had before. I have reached so many goals with Sarah. I share my success with her, my dear friend and teacher.”
Grey Garrett
Actor, Singer
“I have been a student of Sarah Walston for 3 years and she is by far the best voice teacher I have ever had. She is a master of working with different voices and styles to ensure each lesson is fit and unique to her student. On top of her teaching skills, she continuously blows me away with her fantastic, jaw-dropping performances. Mrs. Walston is definitely a Jack-of-All Trades, Master of Many. She has pushed me to be the best performer and teacher I can be. I would in no way be where I am without her support, guidance, and endless knowledge.”
Kelly Adam
VCU Graduate, Singer, Teacher